New DELTA FAUCET 310-870 Master Plumber Chrome Bathtub Conversion Kit

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Product Description Master Plumber, solid brass, chrome finish, tip Toe bathtub drain Conversion kit with bracket, thread size 1-1/2', additional bushing to change the thread from 1-1/2 inch to 1-3/4', includes overflow face plate, screws, & tip Toe drain mechanism, for replacement stopper use TV #176-183, clamshell. From the Manufacturer Delta Faucet 310-870 Master Plumber Solid Brass Chrome Tip Toe Bathtub Drain Conversion Kit With Bracket includes overflow face plate, screws and tip toe drain mechanism. Thread Size 1-1/2', Additional Bushing To Change The Thread From 1-1/2' to 1-3/4'.